Prayer Emphasis

We have set a goal of 24/120.
We are praying that GOD will allow us to see 24 souls saved and see 120 in our Sunday School in the coming year.  Please continue to pray daily asking GOD to intervene in this request.

Youth Events Picture Gallery. . .

Our youth and younger adults participated in a simulation game called "Underground Church" on October 21st.  This is a simulation game of what it could be like if the government said no public worship of Christ.  They were given clues to find the "Underground Church" but had to be careful of the GAG (Government Against God) regime.  They could be arrested or killed for worshipping God.  Two teams made it to the "Underground Church".  Following the game, there was a time of worship and 12 young people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Praise God for He is Good.

The youth also participate in Creative Ministries.  This includes, Interpretive movements, puppet ministry, mimes, clowns, drama,  etc.
They meet every Sunday everning during the worship service at 6:00pm.  Come join them and see how to witness for the Lord through Creative ministries.